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Thank you for visiting World History FAQ. The purpose of this website is to inform readers about the people, cultures, beliefs, values, advances, accomplishments, and tragedies of those who have lived before us. I am a teacher at heart. I find great fulfillment in presenting information to people in an understandable way for the purposes of informing and inspiring.

Partial Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Most of my teaching experience has occurred at the undergraduate level where my focus has primarily been on the history of religion. My favorite subjects to teach include:

  • Ancient Middle Eastern civilizations, especially the Egyptian, Bablylonian, Persain, Greek and Roman period
  • The early Christian era, from Jesus of Nazareth to Saint Augustine
  • The transition from Medival to Renaissance Europe, especially the Reformation era in Germany, France, and England
  • American religious history, from the Purtians to the 20th-century new religious movements

Just like other topics, when a person teaches the “history of” any subject whether it be religion, science, government, literature, or something else, it connects to other aspects of life during that time period. For example, it’s difficult to teach about what the ancient Romans believed without also learning about their other values such as family, society, art, power, and much more.

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Can students and other websites cite World History FAQ? Yes, of course. Students are free to cite, but not plagiarize, articles on this website just as they would any other resource. Other website owners may briefly quote from World History FAQ as long as a hyperlinked citation to the original article is provided.

Do you use freelance writers? At this time, World History FAQ doesn’t employ freelance writers. Interested people may check this page for information in the future because any updates would be posted here.

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